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just10bucks -- Mar 16 2013, 3:11 PM
Menlo Park Social Media and Crowdfunding Incubator
A Nurturing Community for Social Media And Crowd funding Development

From The Desk Of: James O. Mason, Founder/Mentor/CEO
Menlo Park Social Media Incubator

Subject: A Brand New Money Source - Never Borrow Money Again!

Date: March 1, 2013 – Grand Opening Sale – WSO – 90% Off

Hello Friends,

Are you tired of struggling to find ways to fund your projects or business ventures?

Perhaps you have creative ideas that you truly believe would be profitable, yet you're stuck in the development phase simply because you don't have the funds or investment dollars available to get your project or business venture off the ground?

Well, what if there were a powerful new way ... for you to instantly fund any creative project or venture you choose ... without ever having to pay a dime of it back?

I am truly excited to be able to share some really wonderful news with you today.

If you’re reading this message now, you are truly In the Right Place At Precisely the Right Time. All Of Your Stars Must Be In Line, or perhaps you’re just truly BLESSED : - )

How ever you got here today … right now, Consider Yourself Very, Very Lucky.

Your Life May Never Be The Same, After You’ve Read What I’m About To Share With You Now!

I’ve done my best to keep this message under 5 minutes to read and have eliminated all the fluff, B.S. and flashy stuff. A short 5 minute message with a powerful life changing impact.

My promise to you now is this. You will be very happy with yourself, once you’ve taken the 5 minutes necessary to read this short 5 minute informative message. Pretty simple right?

If you’re not happy after reading this message, have someone check your pulse immediately.

The Menlo Park Social Media & Crowd funding Incubator is all about the people we serve and the development of new social media & Crowd funding related products and services.

After nearly 3 years in R & D, we’re very happy and proud to announce the formal launch of our new flagship product the Menlo Park Social Media & Crowd funding Incubator.

Starting at noon on Friday, March 1, 2013, we will offer 100 people the opportunity to join our community as V. I. P. Founders, in phase #1 of our launch.

PHASE #1 – Level 1 - V. I. P. Founder: These 100 new members will be able to participate in the Grand Opening / Crowd funding Ceremonies over the next several weeks. You will also have an opportunity to invite one new member to join our community in the Phase #2 invite.

PHASE #2 – Level 2 - Executive Founder: In another 30 days we will Invite another 100 people to join our community at a slightly higher price point. (Perhaps $27 annually) V. I. P. Founders and Executive Founders will have an opportunity to invite one new member each to join our community during the Phase #3 invite period.

PHASE #3 – Level 3 - Senior Founder: In another 30 days we will Invite another 100 people to join our community at a slightly higher price point. (Perhaps $37 annually) V. I. P. Founders, Executive Founders and Senior Founders will all have an opportunity to invite one new member each, to join our community during the Phase #4 invite period.

PHASE #4 – Level 4 - Founder: This invitation process will continue thru 4 consecutive phases, culminating with our 4th and final membership offering at (Perhaps $47 annually).

Our goal right now is to top out at right around 1000 members in our community. If necessary we will extend a Phase #4 invitation, however I’m expecting that won’t be necessary.

Inviting new members into our community is a ‘Big Deal’, and we certainly consider you being able to invite new members into our inner circle a privilege. Protect our community at all cost!

However, you are not obligated in any way to invite anyone to join our community, your choice.

By becoming a Founding Member of the Menlo Park Social Media & Crowd funding Incubator, you’ll have access to the full power and experience of an entire community of members specifically interested in Social Media Tools and Crowd funding Methodology.

You will have hundreds of community members all ready, willing and able to help you to become successful, once you are ready to launch your own crowdfunding campaigns.

You’ll Discuss, Discover, Share, Mentor, Learn, Earn, Develop and More!

You'll find lots of honest product reviews & articles that will help save you time and money.
Let's team up and do great things by using social media and crowd funding to maximize results.
"Collab" is short for "collaboration", which means to ‘team up’ or to ‘work together’.

The Menlo Park Social Media & Crowd Funding Incubator is the perfect place to ‘Collab’ with other “Like Minded Thinkers”.
Just think about this for a moment, how great would it be to get ‘REAL’ comments about your projects, prior to launch, from ‘REAL’ community members that really understand you, your project, and your goals and objectives?
The Menlo Park Social Media and Crowd funding Incubator is your “One Stop Shop” for all your Crowd Funding and Social Media needs.
Our goal is to be your most complete and comprehensive resource for all your Social Media and Crowdfunding Needs!
You’ll Pay Just $7.90 For The Remaining Years Membership - (Expires 12/31/13)
Why so cheap?
Simple! I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting your hands on this very important information … especially the price.
Because, I believe, chances are good, you’re going to want to raise money to fund your own projects soon once you see how really easy it can be.
Here’s your chance to get in early while the price is ‘Dirt Cheap’.
Join Us Now and Become a Lifetime Charter Member of the Menlo Park Social Media & Crowd funding Incubator.
Whatever price you pay now to join, is locked in as your ‘Annual Membership Renewal Fee’.
Plus, I’ve put together some really nice “Perks” for you … Just For Taking Action Early!
Perk #1) The Social Media Managers - Video Training Home Study Course. (Full 8 Video Set)
Perk #2) Crowd funding Blueprint, Complete Guide To Getting Free Funding For Your Projects.
Perk #3) Fast Action Bonus - Social Media Managers Dirty Dozen – Dynamic Training Library.
Perk #4) Special V. I. P. Invitation to Our Grand Opening Party in Las Vegas, NV.
Perk #5) 90 Days Free Hosting on The ZitZerZum Crowd funding Platform /Website.
Perk #6) You’ll Be Forever Memorialized On Our Website As One Of Our Founding Members.
Perk #7) Several Wonderful – Unadvertised Bonuses. Plus other exclusive offers and more.
Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, yes, we are in fact using crowd funding methodology here to fund the Menlo Park Incubator project.
Since we are all about crowd funding, we thought it only appropriate that we use crowd funding methodology here and now, so you can see firsthand, how simple and easy crowd funding really is, providing you have a ‘Blueprint or a Roadmap’ for your success.
This is only one of several methods you’ll learn. In fact, one of the beauties of crowd funding is that you are only limited … by your own imagination … or lack thereof.
You can, and perhaps should, be creative and have fun with your campaigns.
How would you like to be up and ready to launch your very first successful crowd funding campaign in about 90 days?
Over the next 90 days, my small staff and I will mentor you in the development of your campaign. The first thing I will expect of you will be for you to devour all of the content I have provided for you in the private members area and the 10 or so videos on the main website.
I will also expect you to periodically contribute content for the community to learn and enjoy.
Keep it clean and family appropriate. Shortly, as a community, we’ll discuss the need for a forum or not and any other appropriate matters that need discussion.
As mentioned above you will have 24/7 access to the private members area, where you will find everything you’ll need to pull off a successful social media assisted crowd funding campaign.
And that’s not all, we will also engage with you individually and collectively via webinars, telephone, text, email and whatever other media we need to stay connected.
And, I think it only fitting that we get together in Las Vegas, Hawaii or on a Caribbean cruise at least once annually, to connect on a deeper more personal level, as we move forward.

My Vision And Our Mission Are Very Simple …
“To help as many people as possible to realize their potential and then help them to generate the funds needed to get started, by using the power of crowd funding methodology and various social media tools.”
Whether you need to raise from $5,000 to $200,000 or more, there is no better or faster way than crowd funding, bar none. And it’s only getting better as the industry matures.
And of course, the best part is … You Never Have To Pay It Back! (Doesn’t get any better than that)
People are using crowd funding around the world to raise millions of dollars for all kinds of projects.
Even to fund for profit business projects, including video and music projects, Home Based Business Projects and many, many more.
So, having said all that … Any chance you may want to raise funds for your own project?
For a measly $17 bucks … this may turn out to be a pretty wise investment for you soon.
You may never get on the T. V. Show – Shark Tank, But You Can Absolutely, Positively Do This!
I truly hope that you see the value in what we’re offing you, if so, we’ll meet soon!
Limited Time Offer - WSO DISCOUNT – 90% Off - 5 DAYS ONLY
Paypal email link:

To Your Unstoppable and Everlasting Success!
James O. Mason, Founder/Mentor/CEO
Menlo Park Social Media & Crowd Funding Incubator
P. S. 100% Of The Funds Raised Will Be Used For The Further Development Of The Menlo Park Social Media & Crowd funding Incubator. We also accept public and private donations As Well.
P. P. S. Although We Expect To Extend Up To 4 Invitations To Join Us, Over The Next Several Weeks, We Reserve The Right To Only Extend One, or More Invitations, And Is At The Sole Discretion Of The Founder or Assignee.
P. P. S. This Offer Expires At Midnight on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 – Or When All 100 Spots Have Been Filled, All Payment Buttons Will Automatically Stop Processing Orders immediately.